• Albion Sypnamics Range

The SPYNAMICS range of 8 chairs promote correct seating posture and best practice thereby aiding those with existing back complaints as well as helping others to avoid potential problems.The SPYNAMICS chair has been designed in a modular fashion ensuring that each of the key areas of the spine receive optimal support. Created together with the expertise of teaching osteopath Stephen Green, we have used state-of-the-art material technologies combined with the latest in adjustable seating controls to bring the concept of SPINAL DYNAMICS into the workplace.

Designed with the help of Osteopath, Steve Green, a former lecturer
at the British School of Osteopathy, Spynamics is one of the most
comprehensive ranges of orthopaedic back care chairs on the market.


Memory Foam Cushions
Coccyx Relief
Adjustable Pelvic Module
Fully Independent Action
2 Way Adjustable Lumbar Support
Sliding Seat Pan
Multi Adjustable Arms
Optional Headrest

Albion Sypnamics Range

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